New Officers for 2017 Installed

Type of post: Chorus news item
Sub-type: TVHM Promo
Posted By: Don Petersen
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, Jan 14 2017

At the Annual Installation Dinner, Mel Knight installed our new Officers for 2017. As part of the ceremony, Mel delivered a poem specially written for this event (see below).  
Thanks to the following men for serving our Chapter in this way:

  • Ed Phillips - President
  • Doug Overbay - Immediate Past President
  • Don Petersen - Secretary
  • Gary Gale - Treasurer
  • David Dobson - VP Chapter Development
  • Butch Berquist - VP Music and Performance
  • Dave Rohrer - VP Marketing & Public Relations
  • Charles Olson - Board Member at Large
  • Dave Osborn - Board Member at Large

         Tualatin Valley Installation Poem

                         by Mel Knight


Ed Phillips is your President, his leadership we know,

Please give Ed all your support, to help the Chapter grow.

Ed’s a Lead, so lead he must, there’s lots of stuff to do

So can he count on everyone, like you? And you? And you?


Past President Doug Overbay is really quite a guy,

His Tenor singing does resound a-way up in the sky.

So lean on Doug for good advice, I know you can’t go wrong

He’ll share his experience with you, then break into a song.


If you want a good Secretary, Don Petersen knows his stuff.

He’s also the Chapter Contact man, so don’t give him any guff.

Two jobs are really no trouble for this techno savvy guy,

Put your trust in Don you’ll see his skills are pretty high.


David Allen Dobson II, his name is kind of long

He was a Bass now he’s a Lead and he’ll try most any song.

Chapter Development is his game and Secretary On-Line,

He has two very big jobs, but we know he’ll do just fine.


Taking care of all your money, Gary Gale the Treasurer be.

And if some day you come up short, check his pockets just to see

We really trust you Gary with all the Chapter’s dough

You couldn’t pick a better guy, your money he won’t blow.


David Osborn’s on the Board, it’s called “at Large” I guess

He’s there to make darn sure the rest don’t make a mess.

There are 3 David’s as Officers…gee that’s seems quite a lot,

When I talked to this Dave he told me that he’s the one on top!


All of Oregon needs to know of the Harmony Masters existence

So Marketing is the answer through David Rohrer’s persistence.  

So Dave you need to tell the world, every Jim & Joe and Sally,

About how great your Chapter is, not hiding in some alley.


How do you keep the music going? With a Music VP that’s how.

Butch Berquist is a good one, I’ll tell you that right now.

He also assists in arm-waving chores, sings a bit of Baritone too,

Without Butch around here, you’d really be in the stew.

(I should let you know right here that there’s not a whole lot that rhymes with Berquist!)


Now we all know Chuck Olson, what would you without him.

He’s a special friend of mine, I’m really here to tout him.

He’s waved his arms and fixed your vowels, created funny stuff,

Chucks been around so many years we never get enough.

So here’s to Cavemen, School Houses, Doctors, even Chickens

And all Chuck’s dedication to the Barbershop tradition!


I notice most of the new Officers, were old Officers as well

I hope that leading TVHM is not a job from Hell!