Free Music Theory Education

Type of post: Chorus news item
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Posted By: Don Petersen
Status: Current
Date Posted: Thu, Sep 15 2016
Four online music theory tracks make learning the basics of music theory easy. View our curricula below, and start learning today.  Each track including online lessons and a worksheet for each lesson.
  1. Music Theory 1 
    Lessons include Basics, Rhythm Basics, Scales, Key Signatures, Intervals, and a Review
  2. Music Theory 2 
    Lessons include Interval Review, Rhythm In-depth, Triads in Root Position, Triads With Inversions, 7th Chords in Root Position, and a Review
  3. Music Theory 3 
    Lessons include Sevenths, Jazz/Pop Analysis, Secondary Dominant, Voice Leading, Rare Sevenths, and a Review
  4. Music Theory 4 
    Lessons include Review of Rare Seventh Chords & Discussion of Enharmonic Spellings, Sixths, Ninths, Thirteenths, Harmonizing, and a Review